What would Jesus do on social media?

Chances are high that first thing in the morning you do is pick up your phone and log on to Facebook and check all the other social media platforms, and your responses to the various posts. Ok, we will not wait for a response to that question. Let us imagine Jesus on social media! What would he post about and what would his response be to others’ posts?
The following are possibilities:

Jesus would not ask his Facebook friends to type Amen on every post

Everyone of us has come across those posts of people involved in an accident and you are asked to share and type “Amen”. Before you share and type amen, think: how is that post depicting the life and character of Jesus? Remember Jesus was both human and divine. For instance, he slept like any other man, he ate food and in the Gospel of John (11:5), Jesus wept. When you share such a post, ask yourself, how will the person reading my post feel? What is the impact? Is the post inspiring fear, love or hatred? All these must be at the back of your mind when you choose to share a post.

He would only post what glorifies the Father (God)

Glorifying the Father may seem very easy, but one can easily get everything wrong. To represent God effectively, all your social media activities, the sites you access, what you subscribe to and how you react to the posts, matter.

Everything posted must reflect the character of God. Many people are fond of gossiping on the social media platforms, which can lead to disunity. The instruction that was given to us in Colossians 3:17 is not to naught.

Jesus would not post hostile messages

The Bible has many interesting scriptures that every Christian should consider. Some Christians are fond of posting hostile messages. Yet in 1Thessalonians 4:11, a Christian is advised to mind what concerns him/her.

He would not debate about everything

There are Christians who debate and disagree about everything online. Whether it is political or religious, they are always arguing about something. Expressing your idea is not bad but when and where matters. You do not have to argue about everything on social media. Debating online can be characterised by mean posts and this does not show the character of Jesus. Even when Jesus used to get into arguments with the Pharisees, he still made a point without necessarily being mean about anything. Online behaviour should mirror Jesus. His life on earth was pure and exemplary. It is imperative for Christians, in our behaviour on social media, to depict his character and lifestyle.