What the Bible teaches about rest


When you hear the word ‘rest’, it can mean going slow, relaxing or taking a break. Panic and anxiety do not solve anything but instead worsen any situation. So, the best you can do is to relax and take it slow.

The Bible encourages us to rest, although many Christians do not heed that advice. Here are five Bible truths about why one should rest.

Rest   is   living  by faith

It is absurd that faith has been misunderstood to mean that if you do not panic or act in an anxious way, then you are irresponsible. This is the wrong perception. Instead, we should cultivate the art of resting in the Lord.

The fact that one does not panic just shows that they have decided to place their faith in God. And remember, it is only God who is able to do exceedingly, above what one can ever do in one’s human abilities.

It’s not failure

Failure and rest do not have any connection. It is however common for many people to think that the fact that when one is relaxing, then they have completely failed or given up!   The truth is that when you take a break, you will rejuvenate your body and mind and fresh ideas will   begin to pop up.

Just imagine, if God rested during the time of creation, then why would you think that relaxing is a symbol of failure? It is a way of regaining energy!

Perfect peace

Isaiah 26:3 says that, “You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you ….” The focus here is for us to keep our mind on God.

The more we focus on God, the easier it will be for us to accomplish various tasks.

When you decide to rest, you gain peace. This is evident in Exodus 33:14 when God assures the Israelites about his presence and peace, and of rest in Him.

In God’s perfect love

God is love. He is the perfect definition of love and the easiest way to recognise his love is by trusting in Him and living in His will. A few Christians are of the misconception that God is often angry with them.

Although    it is true that he judges, at the same time he forgives when one repents.

The fact that He allowed His only Son to die for sinners shows that His love can never be exhausted. Choose to live in God’s will by finding rest in Him.

Cast your cares on God

When  you decide to give God all   your burdens, you are implying that  He is able to help you out.

However, when you decide to be anxious, it is one way of telling God that He is not doing enough to get you out of a given situation.

God is not human to forget His promises. Instead of being anxious, and complaining, it is better to cast your burdens on Him, God the beginning and the end.