‘Team Royals’ lost the battle but won the war

Staff participate in a game of musical chairs during the Staff Day festivities
(Photo by Emmanuel Okot)

One of the most outstanding concepts for consolidating UCU staff cohesion was the recently concluded Staff Day competitions. The whole exercise started with a phone call I received from the Directorate of Human Resource office that my name was proposed to be the male captain for the first UCU core value of Christ-centredness and our brand name was “The Royals”. Our theme colour was to be forever “Purple” which all branded later as “bishops colour”. Our team manager was to be Mr David Bukenya and the female captain, Mrs Anita Nshakira. The task that now lay ahead of us was how to mobilize over 200 members in a span of two weeks to make the Staff Day a great success.
After the first briefing of all team managers and captains, The Royals quickly formed a working secretariat of about six members. These carefully scrutinized through the list and identified common names that were familiar. Each one was then tasked to make a door-to-door mobilisation, following the Human Resource circulated group lists on the community e-mail. We further formed our own group e-mail and within three days of this amazing assignment, our members received the first group briefing and invitation for the first group meeting.
In group dynamics, building up a team spirit is very key for any success. This is what the Royals new leadership management was very key about in all build-up aspects. Rehearsals for the skit on our core values were so amazing. Unlike other ordinary preparations, ours was decorated with creativity and fun of unimaginable magnitude. This probably explains why every day of practice our numbers kept on increasing immensely. It was during this time that one of the members suggested the concept of having a symbol of a cross to bring out our theme during the presentations.
Although each of us was tasked to at least come with a small cross, to our surprise one of our members volunteered and supplied us privately with over 200 wooden cross symbols. This was to me, one of the humbling amazing gestures of how our members were now caring for one another towards a common goal like the early Christian Church in Jerusalem. Our members kept together as a team in Nkoyoyo Hall as well as during participation at the new pitch. You could vividly see light and smiling faces shining in every purple shirt that decorated the occasion from the beginning to the end. Although at the end of the day the Royals emerged fourth in overall scores, there is no doubt that anyone who attended the occasion agreed silently that we were the most disciplined and organized team with amazing team spirit.
It is no wonder that we are already looking ahead. We intend to invest a lot of our team in building the social welfare of our members. Our vision is to have a growing family that includes, staff members (teaching and support staff), students and our alumni. We are also looking forward to incorporating parents. With this strategy, UCU will forever remain, ‘A centre of excellence in the heart of Africa’.