Counselling passes out over 100 graduands


The counselling department of Uganda Christian University (UCU) has passed out 100 paracounsellors in the Advent Semester. This was revealed by Joseph Musaalo, the patron of the Para-Counselling Association and head of the Counselling Department at UCU, during the graduation of the para-counselors held on November 16, at the Counseling grounds at UCU.

Musaalo said: “The world needs more of counsellors since problems keep cropping up each day we wake up.” Speaking at the same event, Bridget Mugasira, the director of students’ affairs at UCU, applauded the counselling department for what she called ‘incredible’ service.

“We have sent students with issues to the counselling department and they have always been helped,” Mugasira said. She called upon the graduands to uphold the morals of UCU, saying that they carry the image of the university. “Look, we have received praises in form of feedback from our former students here and this is encouraging,” she added.

Mugasira also urged graduands to start offering counselling beginning with their roommates. She said that graduands should not limit their services to their fellow students. Meanwhile, the department decried the few number of trainers in counselling, something Musaalo said hampers the whole process.

“We have few trainers and this gives us a hard time to train students and staff both at the main campus in Mukono and at Kampala campus at ago,” said Musaalo. Derick Namonye, one of the graduands, said about the training: “It was a good experience. We have learnt many things.”

The Standard also has learnt that the counselling department at UCU has been named ‘Ruth Nkoyoyo Wellness Centre’ by the widow of the former archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Livingstone Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo, Ruth Nkoyoyo.