UCU Vice-Chancellor hosts staff for Christmas carols

Christmas Carols Choir at the the Vice Chancellor’s dinner


By 6:00pm, Christmas melodies echoed at the Vice Chancellors(VC)’  gardens as staff arrived for the Christmas Carols in unexpectedly high numbers.  As guests arrived, the joyous sounds grew louder. 

The VC Dr John Senyonyi noted that this year’s event was the most highly attended Christmas carols he had ever hosted. 

Unfortunately, the hyper mood was dissolved by the slightly heavy rain that lasted for close to an hour.  However, the event went on as programmed. The choir sung Christmas songs of praise and thanking the lord as bible verses were read to compliment the function.

 At the Carols, Dr Ruth Senyonyi gave the opening speech as she welcomed the guests. 

She urged the congregation to shape the future of the children especially the boys so that they grow up when they are determined and focused. “Let us grow boys into men who are righteous and then involve men in the parenting of children,” she said. 

She observed that many times, the work at home is left for the women and the men are not involved in the upbringing of the children. “When boys grow up watching television and the girls doing house chores, then in your own family, you will be watching television while your wife raises the children,” she said. 

The Christmas carols were held on Wednesday, December 18.  The function was attended by the UCU community staff, neighbours and students. Mrs. Senyonyi thanked UCU staff for the prayers which enabled her to be ordained on December 8.

In his remarks, Rev Engineer Paul Waswa, the UCU chaplain advised UCU staff to share the great news to friends because Christmas is news of great joy to everyone. 

“God’s intentions will be great news to all of us; if you have  embraced this news, share and make sure that as you leave all people will share the good news,” he said.

The Christmas carols ended with a sumptuous meal with the Vice chancellors’ family.