UCU Guild sets date for annual run


When he was campaigning to become the UCU’s Guild President last semester,Timothy Kadaga promised to initiate an Annual Guild Run organised by the Guild Government.

To fulfill his promise which was intended to mobilise funds for the needy students, Kadaga’s government has unveiled the road-map to the Annual Guild Run, 2020.

The event will take place on February 22 under the theme, I am my Brother’s Keeper. The Participants are required to pay sh10,000 and sh50,000 depending on their financial muscles.

Timothy Kadaga during his guild campaigns in 2019 (Courtesy photo)

“Two different payments have also been set to favour everyone,” Kadaga said, adding that the route and the chief runner were still issues under discussion.

“We are focussing on making the guild fund sustainable to support students,” Kadaga said. “The previous governments have been relying on a small resource envelop to support a bigger number of students with tuition-clearance problems.”

Kadaga added that with the funds from the Annual Guild Run, they were looking forward to supporting at least five needy students from each faculty every single semester.

Besides helping the needy students, Tessie Akomuhangi, the Deputy Minister of Finance said the initiative shall help raise funds for installing security cameras around UCU neighbourhoods to curb insecurity.

“Many students have lost their property like phones, bags, money, and laptops in the dark,” Akomuhangi said.

Timothy Kadaga, the Guild president of UCU main campus (Courtesy photo)

The Annual Guild Run has so far received backing from the UCU community members with Gracie Byasiima, a third year student of Bachelors of Procurement and Logistic Management (BPLM) observing that its a good thing because its helping students.

Phillip Oteka, a second year student of Bachelors of Education Degree (BED), told The Standard that since the run is aimed at installing security lights, he will participate. “This initiative seeks to protect lives of students and anyone against it will be against life itself, “Oteka said.