Integrity is key



One of the key elements missing out in many leaders in Uganda today is integrity when money is put before them.

Being aware of that, the Vice Chancellor of Uganda Christian University, Rev Cannon Dr John Senyonyi, has advised guild leaders to learn to be persons of integrity with money and relationships.

Speaking during a three-day student leaders’ conference held at the Principal’s Hall from January 3-6, Dr Senyonyi told the student leaders that they need to possess those values because leaders are role models to the people they are in charge of. 

Some of the guild leaders attending the conference at Principals Hall at UCU Mukono
(Photo by Caleb Bamwesiga)

He noted: “For leadership, there are people following you and what you have started doing now, you do not know where it is leading you.” 

Dr Senyonyi advised the guild leaders to internalize the university policies and reflect on them as they lead and even when they leave the university. 

Over 50 guild officials, including resident assistants from the UCU campuses and constituent colleges, attended the conference which was organized by the Director of Students Affairs, Mrs Bridget Mugume.

In his remarks, Mr David Mugawe, the deputy vice chancellor for Finance and Administration who was the key speaker, urged the student leaders to play their part in leadership and distinguish themselves.

“Leaders who play their parts and distinguish themselves, a flood of opportunities open for them, be it at the university or anywhere else,” Mugawe said. 

The Vice Chancellor Rev Canon Dr John Senyonyi (left) opened the function officially on January 3 at Principals Hall while Mrs Bridget Mugasira (right), the Director of Students Affairs looks on

He also advised the students leaders to be disciplined, accountable and  mentors who work as a team. Vincent Kisenyi, a lecturer at the Faculty of  Business and Administration, advised the student leaders to create a timetable that will help them manage their time effectively.

Mrs  Mugume thanked the deans from the constituent colleges for ensuring that the student leaders attended in big numbers.

Denis Onziima, the  minister for information and publicity, Arua Campus, also told The Standard that the training was important and timely. ”Since the 13th guild government, the leaders have not been given such  training. So we have been doing our own things.”

“I would like to thank the UCU management at the main campus for remembering us and it is my prayer that such trainings be organized every year so that the leaders remain on track,” he said.

The training ran on the theme “Developing Skills and Attitude for 21st Century Christian Leadership.” Guild officials received certificates.