UCU to start space science course


Uganda Christian University is partnering with the Ministry of Science and Technology to start a programme in space science. On December 12, the representatives from the ministry visited UCU to discuss the details about introducing the space science course in the university.

Space science is the study of phenomena occurring in the upper atmosphere, in space, or on celestial bodies other than Earth. 

Rev Dr John Kitayimbwa, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, told The Standard that Uganda Christian University will be the pioneering institution for this programme in Uganda.

UCU staff and members of the Ministry of Science and Technology pose for a photo
(Photo by Maria Eyoru)

“The top officials of the ministry of Technology directed that this center of excellence will be the starting point for the space science because of the values it impacts on the students,” he said. 

He added that the university is very keen and hoping to start in September 2020. “There will be a fully-fledged and integrated course for space science in UCU.”

It will be under the Department of  Science and Technology.

Peter Bamuzungu, the Principal Science Officer Chemical Sciences and the representative of the Assistant Commissioner in the Department of Physics, Chemical and Biological Sciences, said that the space science project was one of the many projects put in place by President Yoweri Museveni in 2017.

He expressed his joy towards working with UCU in areas of research and chemical science.

 “We look forward to build researchable areas to help guide the country improve on its social, economic empowerment and development.”

Ken Obalu, the senior science officer for the physical sciences in the ministry, said that the space science programme is focusing mainly on the human base. 

 Space science applies in all sectors of the economy from medicine, transport, aviation, finance and governance. 

In addition, he said, the university will develop the curriculum.

“The university has a lot of law programmes which would enrich the programme of space science like the international space laws,” Obalu said.

The ministry developed a programme called National Innovation and Research Programme Framework which is one of the channels through  which different organisations and individuals apply to fund such initiative.

The funding will help to develop the course and help students to develop skills through the projects.