Breathtaking message from Oilers to Canons

On January 24, the City Oilers put to their facebook page, a breathtaking message to the Canons. This piece implied that the Canons are a great team that will handle Ugandan basketball appropriately.

They confenssed that Game seven was the most difficult final they had ever played. It is on record that the seven times National Baketball League  champions have never hustled for the trouphy till game seven. This was a record the young team broke.

The City Oilers went ahead to praise the Canons for their skill, speed and maturity in thinking during the games they played against each other. “You gave us a run for our money, and we were honoured to have you as our opponents,” they said.

“Not winning is never easy, but it is no disgrace when you have given it your best. If you never lose, you are never truly tested, and never forced to grow,” they added.

They also encouraged the Canons to walk with their heads high, smile and reveal in  their achievement. Oilers told the UCU boys to be proud of what they were able to accomplish.

“We are super proud of each one of you, and so excited about the future of Ugandan basketball in your hands,”the Oilers said.

Refering to the Canons as the young kings of basketball, they called upon them to head up and wings out and get ready to soar because the future of basketball is in their hands.

Their conclusion read, “All Love, Your Big Brothers, The Oilers”.

This message softened the hearts of many who had been disappointment in the Canon loss of Game 7. It dissolved the pressure and made people perceive the Game seven results as a great achievement.

The few words lightened up people’s minds to look at a bigger picture of young basketballers like fayed Baale, one of the youngest players on the Canon team. 

It showed the fans that there is more to look out for than just a championship title.