Social media, a necessary evil


The UCU Law Society Career conference did not attract the anticipated high-profile guests, but there was a lot to learn.
The conference took place on January 24 in Nkoyoyo Hall under the theme, ‘The Next Generation Lawyer: Opportunities and Emerging Areas of Law’.
During the event, Alice Namuli a senior counsel, from Katende and Sempebwa Advocates, advised students to mind what they post on social media.
“Scial media is a necessary evil that will determine your destiny and direction,” she said. “Your online presence will automatically become part of curriculum vitae.”
Namuli reminded the students that their future employers will first check out their online presence before calling them for a job interview. “Your clients will do the same in order to know who they are dealing with,” she said.
Namuli also emphasised on flexibility when students graduate, observing that most subjects that are taught at the university are not applicable in the field.
“You have to condition your mind and change to adapt to the world,” she said.
She added that communication is critical for lawyers.
Namuli said good lawyers should listen to the clients, appear in courts, and write letters to their clients. “This portrays one’s character and personality.”
Jane Akiteng, another lawyer advised law students to get knowledge in other areas. “You are lawyers, but try to diversify and get to know your society.”
She cautioned students against practising law for money but instead listen to the plight of their clients.
“Being a lawyer is a service to society. It is more than a pay cheque,” she emphasised.
The students appreciated the advice given to them by the lawyers. Cyrus Turinawe, a third- year student of law said that he learnt to start other businesses besides practising law.
“I learnt to start other businesses that will help me as a person.”
The students were also encouraged to offer pro-bono services to the public, that is free legal services to people.
Stacy Nagawa, a first-year, also said she had learnt to get knowledge in other areas like technology and networking so that they get to know the people.