Students taste UCU Bakery bread


The promise by the management at Eunice Guest House Bakery to supply its products to the university community has come true.
The 1,500 students who have access to the meals at the Janani Luwum Dining Hall have started eating the products.
The supply started on February 1 with the bakery providing bread, buns and doughnuts at the university’s dining hall.
“We shall be supplying bread three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We hope to keep changing the menu to spice it up,” said Vanessa Ngango, the in-charge at the bakery.
Mrs Bridget Mugasira, the director of student affairs, told The Standard that the products will be given to the students at a subsidized cost.
“The bakery will distribute to the students at a reduced cost because this will be a service,” she said.
The Standard has learnt that staff have also started placing their orders for the products.
Ngango said the products range from Shs3,000 to Shs5,000 depending on the type of bread one is purchasing.
“A few of the staff come and make their orders so that they are served. The deliveries are done the following day,” she said.

Mr David Mugawe, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration serving a snack during the launch of the bakery

Ngango also revealed that the students will be charged less than the staff for the products.
“We are doing something that will meet the needs of students yet of high quality,” she emphasised.
The bakery has been renamed “UCU BAKERY” by the naming committee. The new name will also be used on the different confectioneries that will be baked.
Although activities are moving on smoothly at the bakery, The Standard has learnt that there is need for more staff.
Currently the staff members available at the bakery are 18 but for better distribution there is need for more.
“When it comes to distribution of food, we are stretched. We serve meetings and they are scattered everywhere. At the end of the day, you don’t get a good service because we have few staff and one car that transports the food to the different places,” Ngago said.
The bakery was commissioned by the Vice-Chancellor, Dr John Senyonyi, in January and the outgoing Chancellor, the Most Rev Stanley Ntagali, later visited and blessed it.