Lady Cardinals register a draw


The Lady Cardinals drew with one goal on one during a match against Uganda Martyrs High School on February 5, at the St Gerald’s stadium , Rubaga.

In the first ten minutes, the Martyrs had a soft game. This is because the Lady Cardinals had earlier undermined the young high school girls. However, in the tenth minute, Latifah Nakasi woke them up with a corner kick under the assist of Kevin Nakacwa. 

Lady Cardinals during a game against St. Noa

Despite the score, the game stayed sluggish for the next 35 minutes of  the first half.

Fortunately in the second half, the Lady Cardinals resurrected. However, it seemed too late for them to win the game. Luckily in the added two minutes,  Cissy Nakate rescued the Lady Cardinals with a goal under the assist of Stella Nalwanga. 

It is also a point to note that the Lady Cardinals played  a tough game in the absence of their key players namely, Mercy Nabulobi, Annet Nakirija, Joan Kwagala, Jauha Nabagala and  Hassifah Nassuna.

According to Simon Assimwe, the Lady Cardinals’ assistant coach, the match was not bad. He appreciated the team spirit shown by the Lady Cardinals,

“The game has not been bad as we expected,”Asiimwe said.

Peter Kigundu, a UCU fan, also said that the Lady Cardinals started when they were weak because the team never had its five starter players. This gave the Martyrs confidence to score a goal in the first 10 minutes.

“In fact, the Lady Cardinals have tried because they even never had their first five starter players, for instance, Hasifah Nassuna, who had an injury,” Kigundu said.

According to Arthur Nagimesi, a UCU alumnus, the Lady Cardinals were to win the game but the players who are the heart of the team were missing.

“The game seemed hard,” Nagimesi told The Standard after the game.

The coaches were happy with what the team had done for them. “We as coaches are happy with the unyielding fight you put up from minute 45 to 91. Well-done ,” Geoffrey Magoba said. 

Prior to this game, UCU had thumped down St Noa by 3:1. The game took place at UCU Old Pitch on February 1.