Farewell Dr Tukwasibwe


At the start of April, Dr Constance Tukwasibwe will not be a member of the UCU academic staff.
She will be assuming a new office as head of the Department of Languages at Kabale University in south-western Uganda.
Dr Tukwasibwe was part of the academic staff that pioneered Uganda Christian University (UCU) in 1997. At the time, she had been recruited as a languages teacher, a job she excelled at to gradually rise through the ranks to the recent post of head of the Department of Languages.
As a sign of love and appreciation for her good work, Dr. Tukwasibwe’s colleagues in the Faculty of Education and Arts on March 4 threw her a splendid farewell party at the Principal’s Hall.

The Dean of The Faculty of Education, Dr Richard Watuulo picking a cake served by Dr Tukwasibwe

At the farewell, the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Arts, Dr Richard Watuulo, described her as a straight-forward person, who handles issues in a proper manner.
“Dr Tukwasibwe’s A is A and that is it,” Dr Watuulo, said, expressing joy about her upward movement.
He said the world is not static but asked her not to forget her colleagues back at UCU.
Rev Abel Kibbedi, one of the students and staff Dr Tukwasibwe mentored, thanked her. Kibbedi attributed his success to Dr Tukwasibwe’s personal touch with her students.
Prossy Sempungu, a support staff administrator at the Department of Languages, also thanked her for making them better people through her principles and attention to detail.
Tukwasibwe noted that a big part of her was still at UCU and urged the university’s administration to support the growth of the Department of Languages because language is the base of all courses.