PS5: What to expect from Sony’s next generation

By Jehoshaphat Odidi

With the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 set to be released this year, loyal PlayStation fans just don’t know what to expect from Sony’s next generation console.

This is due the indefinite ways with which Sony, the multi-national company in charge of releasing PlayStation hardware, have used to advertise their newest console release.

The Sony PlayStation 5 will be competing with the Xbox One X series and the pro version of Nintendo switch which were also announced to be released later this year by Microsoft and Nintendo respectively.

Sony did not hold an E3 conference in 2019 which game-developing companies use to announce the release of new video games and consoles like Xbox and Nintendo did, which leaves us with no official details about the PS5’s release. It leaves us with one major question What does Sony have in store for us in its new releases later this year?

We already know before-hand that Sony plans to launch exclusive game titles like the “Last of Us 2” and “Ghost of Tsushima” for their current console, the PS4. But what game titles shall we expect with the PS5 is the question.

What to expect

In terms of the console’s shape and build, there is no confirmed image yet but Sony has confirmed E3 2020. So we can expect a full revelation of the console during the conference.

In terms of performance, we can expect an advanced AMD Ryzen processor and 8K resolution which in short means smoother game graphics and shorter in-game loading time.

We can also expect compatibility backwards which simply means players will be able to play game titles like “Days Gone” and “Death Stranding” from the previous generation console which is the PS4.

In the PS5’s game library, we can expect a re-mastered version of “Last of Us 2” and a sequel to Insomniac games’ “Marvel’s Spiderman”; but fans will not have to worry about a small game library because of the backwards compatibility.

With the price range, it has been confirmed that Sony are struggling to keep the price low.

This means loyal fans should expect a higher price around $500 which is around Shs1.8 million.

This will be expensive compared to the PS4 pro which launched at $399 which is Shs1.4 million.