“Social media week”- a photo story

The campaign dubbed “Social Media Week” is the first of its kind in UCU. It is meant to create awareness about the institution’s official social media sites (handles), within the student community and beyond.

Many students have been actively participating in the various activities of the campaign such as Sensitization through word of mouth, bazaar, among others. Those who evidently Like, Follow, and Share content from the University socials in promotion of the campaign are rewarded. The rewards include; t-shirts, caps, wrist bands, notebooks, tuition fees top-ups, among others.

The campaign will be crowned on April 16, with a visit from AIGP Asan Kasingye (The President of Ugandans on Twitter).

Guild officials, Students and officials from the Communications and Marketing department posing. Lule Eriah for the Standard.
At the bazaar. Eriah Lule for The Standard
Ronnie Awany (Blue T-shirt) speaking to a group of UCU students during campaign-activity. Lule Eriah for The Standard.
Frank Obonyo, the Communications and Marketing manager addressing a group of students. Lule Eriah for The Standard.

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