Beyond the Storm

“Beyond the Storm” by Grace K. Tumusiime, is an exceptional book that delves into one of the most prevalent issues affecting individuals, societies, and companies worldwide: The book looks tress and stress management. With great depth and clarity, the book explores the causes, signs, symptoms, and effective self-care 5o overcome stress. It adeptly breaks down the fundamentals of stress, offering invaluable insights for readers.

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Look pretty in a pinafore dress

They were widely famous in the 1800s, when they were mainly worn over a dress, blouse, or jumper and were collarless. During that time, they were child garments worn to protect the girls’ dresses from getting dirty, but over the years, they have become more than just garments for protection from dirt but a fashion piece, and women are rocking that look.

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How and why to prepare for retirement

On April 24, 2019, the late Joab Musinguzi, a former procurement officer and parent at UCU, invested over 400 million Uganda shillings in cryptocurrency, hoping for good results at the end of the day. Unfortunately, two weeks later, the crypto currency dropped in the country, and the company closed, leaving the late in shock and leading to his paralysis. He was bedridden for months before dying, cursing the world.

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Acquired Epilepsy linked to pork? I wonder

To the pork-eating community, “It is the sweetest,” says Samuel Tatambuka, Uganda Christian University (UCU) Communication Assistant. He adds that pork is soft and has a nice texture while chewing it. Tatambuka jokes that it should have been on the Ugandan Court of Arms. This could explain why it takes up a consumer percentage of 34 on the global meat production scale.

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