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A Two-Week Extravaganza of Bargains and Challenges

With diverse experiences shared by vendors and students alike, there’s anticipation that the UCU Street Bazaar will continue to evolve as it enters its second week. Despite the challenges, this two-week extravaganza promises to be an exciting opportunity for both vendors and students to engage in a bustling marketplace on campus. As the event continues, it remains a vibrant showcase of entrepreneurial spirit and a hub for discovering unique items at discounted prices.


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UCU Mbale campus gets new guild president

Picture this: You are a top contender for a political office. On voting day, after casting your ballot, what do you do with the rest of the hours to ease the tension as you wait to know the results? Harry Mukhooli recently found himself in such a situation. Mukhooli, the new Guild President of Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mbale campus in eastern Uganda, said he isolated himself from people the entire day as he waited for the results.

UCU Guild tuition run to aid students

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) vice chancellor, Assoc. Prof. Aaron Mushenyezi, has inaugurated the third edition of the annual Guild Run. Organised by the 25th Guild Government, this year’s event has been aptly named “the Guild Tuition Run.” It is scheduled to take place on October 21, 2023, promising to bring together the UCU community and participants from far and wide at the institution’s main campus. With a shared commitment to the cause, this run aims to raise vital funds for students facing financial challenges, reaffirming UCU’s dedication to making education accessible and fostering a spirit of unity and support among its members.

UCU Lady Canons progress as Canons face game 3

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) Lady Canons have stormed their way into the semi-finals of the highly anticipated Uganda National Basketball League playoffs in 2023. Their remarkable journey continued with a resounding triumph as they outclassed the Kampala Capital City Authority Leopards, securing a commanding victory with a final score of 93-61. The Lady Canons showcased their basketball prowess and determination at the prestigious Lugogo indoor arena, leaving no doubt about their readiness to contend for the league title. With this impressive win, they have not only advanced but also sent a powerful message to their competitors that they are a force to be reckoned with in the quest for championship glory.