Students present final year projects

By Israel Kisakye

Engineering students have today presented their final year projects before a panel made up of their lecturers and specialists in structural, material, and waste management specialists.

Students worked in groups of two, although each later had to hand in an individual report. The presentations happened at the Technology Center, also known as Tech Park, where the Faculty of Science and Technology is located.

‘’Students looked for a problem and had to devise means of solving,” said Dr. Miriam Agunyo, the overall coordinator of Projects. “We are aiming at equipping our students with knowledge that can create employment or compete favorably on the job market.” 

The students made their presentations in group of two at Technology Center but were graded individually. Israel Kisakye for The Standard.

Both undergraduate and masters’ students presented their final year projects today.

Bernard Muwonge is an undergraduate finalist. Israel Kisakye for The Standard

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