Renewable energy: The solution to climate change

Dhatemwa Charles,28 and Sharif Bogere,17 operate at Goodwill productions, a rolex stall in Bugujju, a suburb in Mukono. For the past three years, they have been using charcoal to fry chapatis for their clients. In spite of knowing the dangers that come with burning trees to get the charcoal they use, Dhatemwa says that it is the most viable way of making their chapattis.
“It is the cheapest method we can use. A basin of charcoal is Shs. 12,000 and I can use it for a week,” he said.

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Cassava: The New Bread

It isn’t a secret that the prices of commodities in Uganda have hiked over the past months. For instance, a bar of soap now costs seven thousand Ugandan shillings; a kilogram of sugar at four thousand Uganda shillings; and the common breakfast accompaniment, a loaf of big bread, goes for five thousand Uganda shillings. This has left many Ugandans complaining to the government for a solution to this high cost of living.

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