UCU Business Society to hold maiden elections

By Enock Wanderema and Yasiri J. Kasango

The Ugandan Christian University (UCU) Business Society, which was enacted on July 1, 2021, is slated to hold its first ever election to the society’s committee.

The aspirants have had an opportunity to air out their manifestos in an attempt to sway electors to vote for them. The tension from the candidates as they presented themselves during the debate held in Nkoyoyo Hall was palpable this afternoon. We managed to capture some moments in pictures.

The panel of moderators during Business Society debate. The moderators were led by Washika Walter and three students from the School of Journalism, Media, and Communication.

Richard Mujuzi aspiring as the president of the Business Society on the podium presenting ideas to the electors in order to convince them to vote for him.

Bravo Phillip Ayebare contesting for the position of president of the Society. He was on stage airing out his ideas in order to propel Business students.

The crowd of students from the School of Business attending the Business Society debate and cheering their favorite candidates.

Natasha Alinda the only female in the race for the second top most position as vice president during the debate. Alinda presenting her manifesto to the electorates.

Griffin Eddy Arinaitwe in the crowd trying to emphasize his manifesto as the aspiring candidate for vice president of Business Society.

The other candidates waiting for a chance to speak to the students in order to sway them to vote them into office.