A Two-Week Extravaganza of Bargains and Challenges

By William Opio

The advent semester at UCU kicked off with a vibrant street bazaar held at Guild Park, featuring a diverse array of vendors offering their wares at discounted prices. However, as the first week of the street bazaar unfolded, some vendors found that their expectations were not quite met due to lower student turnout attributed to the ongoing reporting week.

Allan Makaka, the sales manager at U. Gas, shared his insights, saying, “In my interactions with some students, most of them mentioned already having gas cookers, so many simply passed by without inquiring about prices. The most frustrating part is when no one even asks about the gas prices. Nevertheless, things have been relatively fair, and we’ve seen more students turning up recently.”

Evelyn Namutosi, another sales manager representing Starbex Gas, offered her perspective: “From day one, everything has been fairly good, although there have been moments of boredom due to slow sales. In business, sitting idle all day can be quite dull. Some students express interest, ask for prices, and promise to return but never do.”

Ronie Mukisa, a vendor specialising in accessories, described his experience, saying, “My business, ‘Ronie Accessories,’ has been thriving, with students flocking to buy affordable accessories. However, the unpredictable rain has been a challenge, often disrupting business and keeping some students away. Without the rain, I believe we could have achieved even higher sales.”

Nagaba Laura Nataline, a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (BAJC) student, shared her perspective, stating, “From the very first day, the Street Bazaar has been relatively fair. However, it may not meet some students’ expectations because many already have most of what’s being offered.”

With diverse experiences shared by vendors and students alike, there’s anticipation that the UCU Street Bazaar will continue to evolve as it enters its second week. Despite the challenges, this two-week extravaganza promises to be an exciting opportunity for both vendors and students to engage in a bustling marketplace on campus. As the event continues, it remains a vibrant showcase of entrepreneurial spirit and a hub for discovering unique items at discounted prices.