Adungu Boy Set to Thrill Audiences at Upcoming Concert

Brian Kafeero Muwanguzi, commonly known as Bryan-K Adungu Boy, a Uganda Christian University (UCU) second-year student of Bachelor’s of Tourism and Hospitality Management, is poised to fly as his concert at Zyther Gardens Mukono on May 20th, 2023, is just around the corner. Eriah Lule, our writer, spoke with him.

What inspired you to be a musician?

I was a member of a cultural dance group named Ekubo (The Way) when I was younger. I learnt to play traditional instruments, particularly the ‘Adungu,’ often known as the African Harp in English, from this troop. When the unit disbanded, they had already inspired and shown me the way forward.

What kind of music do you play and why?

I do African soul music.

Have you composed any original songs?

Yes, I actually have one original song that has been released, but I am still cooking for my audiences and am planning to release my own music after my show.

What gives you the confidence to put on a show as a young musician?

I participated in the Mr. and Miss. Bukedde singing competitions in 2022, and the kind of energy I got when playing my Adungu was unrelatable. I wanted to do something unique, and I discovered that the audience was interested and welcomed.

How prepared are you for the show, and who have you patterned with?

The show is going to be a blend of talents performing; we have poets and musicians, but me and my band have done rehearsals to give our audiences the best experience to testify to.

We have partnered with Century Bottling Company (Rwenzori), New Vision, and Zyther Gardens to promote and support this show.

How many people do you expect?

Honestly, I am expecting to have 300 people come to the show.

After this concert, where do you see yourself in the next 2 years?

I am going to release some of my original music, and I also want to use this show as a platform to support other talents. My major aim is to put on this show next time with me not headlining it but some other young talent, but we just want to back them up.