Edonu emerges as 26th UCU guild speaker

By Dismas Nuwaine

Emmanuel Edonu has been voted as the 26th Guild Parliament Speaker of Uganda Christian University (UCU). In the 25th Guild Parliament, the latter also served as deputy speaker. Edonu’s fast climb to student leadership attests to the man’s political distinction.

The session was conducted at the ICMI building, where the parliamentary representatives were camped with the cohesive purpose of voting for their legislative heads, that is, the speaker and deputy speaker. The two chair and guide the deliberations in parliament.

Braving the tide and desiring the mantle were two gentlemen of equally distinguished demeanour, Emmanuel Edonu and Ainomugisha Kevin. The former represents the male residents in parliament, and the latter represents the male non-residents in the same house.

The voting session was conducted by the now-retired Hon. Emeritus Anyuu Josophine, the speaker of the 25th guild government. Aided by her chief whip, Magdalene Atugabirire, the two, in witness of the entire house, meticulously counted the cast ballots one by one.

Edonu managed to garner 12 votes, and Kevin got 10 votes. On a slim margin of two votes, the speaker, Josophine Anyuu, declared Edonu the winner and proceeded to dress him in the speakership vestments.

“May the Almighty God who has begun this great work in you carry it to completion. Please go and serve the UCU fraternity with a high level of integrity. Protect and defend the power that has been bestowed upon you,” said Anyuu, who has vested Edonu.

Edonu, who’s commonly referred to by his nickname “Chief,” is not short on amiable characteristics. He is a charismatic lad whose work ethic and solution-oriented persona make him stand out amongst his peers.

When he announced his bid to stand for the position of speaker, there were mixed reactions from the prospective voters. To some, there was a noticeable ray of hope in his public declaration.

“He’s been the deputy speaker in the previous government. We knew he had tonnes of experience, and he has been one of the notable leaders in the previous vernment,” s said one of the parliamentary representatives who desired to remain anonymous given the secret nature of the ballot.

Immediately after taking the oath, the two kicked off this internal campaigning as they sought majority consensus from their fellow representatives in the pursuit of the speakership position.

The two figures were of commendable rarity, and this meant that the election was always going to be a mouthwatering prospect.

In the deputy speakership race, there were two ladies, Hannah Katikara and Deborah Kabatesi. The two strived for the second-most powerful position in the legislative organ.

Speaking to the house after the mandate was accorded to her, Deborah thanked God, who had given her the mandate.

“Leadership comes from the Lord, and it can be only Him who has led me into this distinguished position. “I pledge to work with every one of you and fulfil all my pledges,” said Deborah, filled with gratitude.