First-year students introduced to UCU prayer culture

By Muduku Derrick Brian 

Uganda Christian University (UCU) chaplaincy has initiated first-year students into its prayer-based activities and culture. The event happened on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 in Nkoyoyo Hall. 

Spearheading the event, the UCU Chaplain, Rev. Canon. Eng. Paul Wasswa, has urged the students from all prayer denominations to embrace the chaplaincy and its operations.

“Here, we have service in the Anglican style because we are under the Church of Uganda and we are obliged to do so.” However, even those from other religious sects are welcome. We shall work with you, “he said. 

Wasswa adds that the Chaplaincy ensures that holistic education is achieved by building students who are professionally competent but also morally upright. 

“We strive to produce a student with a sense of mission in that it is God talking to them.” “If it is a doctor, he or she should have a mission to serve God and his people,” he said.

The Chaplaincy has various fields which the students are encouraged to exploit, which include the wardens’ ministry, children’s ministry, tech support, missions and evangelism, discipleship, coordination of chaplaincy activities. 

Wasswa cautions the first-year students not to start fellowships without the permission of the chaplain, adding that it is a safe place where the students can go and seek advice. 

“We know the fears and risks that come with joining Campus. “We are here to keep you emotionally strong as you go through your journey at UCU,” he said.

Luba Pauline, a first-year student pursuing a degree in Journalism, Media, and Communication, says that she feels safe knowing that the Chaplaincy is a place she can run to in case of a challenge.

“It makes me feel comfortable knowing that the chaplain is willing to listen to us.” Personally, I was a bit worried about joining Campus because of the immoral habits that I saw take place in such a setting, “she said.

Luba says that she is engaging in the chaplaincy activities so that she can strengthen her spiritual life.

“I shall take part in the fellowships and community worship. I believe by doing this, my spiritual life will even grow more, “she said. 

The Chaplaincy is introducing cells where students will be able to get involved in prayer in smaller groups so that their spiritual life is exercised and grown. 

Aheebwa Charles, who is pursuing a Bachelor in Divinity, says that he will partner with the Chaplaincy to ensure that he progresses in his studies. 

This is a department that is directly linked to the course I am studying. “I am interested in learning to serve God using technology through the Tech Support program,” he said. 

Aheebwa adds that UCU is the best choice to make when looking for a university to grow one’s spiritual life. 

I could not do divinity in any other institution. “Here, through departments like the Chaplaincy, you can see that spirituality is not just theoretical but practical,” he said. 

The Chaplaincy holds services every Wednesday and Sunday, with community worship happening every Tuesday and Thursday. In addition, the chaplaincy has a baptism service every third Sunday of the month as well as having confirmation classes.