Law Love Fellowship handover ends in grand Fashion

By Dismas Nuwaine

The outgoing leadership of the Law Love Fellowship has handed over the responsibility of the service to the new incoming leadership at an event held at Kingdom View, an extension of the university.

“I had held different political offices before, but this was my first time to serve in a church position as I allowed the Lord to use me,” revealed the outgoing Papa John Mark Kabango. “This is not my business, it is not your business, and neither is it your parents business; it is the Lord’s business,” continued John Mark, assuring the incoming leadership.

The outgoing Mama Harmony Nhokwa couldn’t hide her reservations at the prospect of stepping away from what was so dear and precious to her heart.

“There’s always that constant fear of whether what we have been earnestly doing will be continued by the next committee, but I know it’s not up to me and there’s nothing I have done; it’s God himself,” said the softly spoken Harmony.

Oris Mutungi, the incoming papa of the Fellowship, attested to the fact that this was God’s calling for him to serve.

“When they approached me at first, I was somehow hesitant to accept, but after thinking about it, God gave me a revelation,” remarked Mutungi strongly.

Law Love Fellowship started in 2002 and has been operating within the spheres of Uganda Christian University for over two decades.

As one of the oldest faculty-aligned fellowships within the university, the Law and Love Fellowship has stood the storms and tides, establishing itself as a grooming ground for firm and indispensable soldiers of Christ Jesus.

The outgoing leadership commended the incoming leaders to seek God’s counsel and continue to do wonderful exploits for God’s glory.

“there’s power within you because of the Spirit of the Lord. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you, and may he use you mightily,” said John Mark.

In attendance were a number of dignitaries, among whom was the Prime Minister of the 25th Guild Government, Mr. Aaron Hahinduka, who…

“You should be lawyers who are hitmakers and not deal makers. Let people in a specific community you serve celebrate the lawyer in their community and not cry”.

The Law and Love Fellowship is one of the many student fellowships we have in UCU; it is these that help to keep the student fraternity in check in matters of faith, morals, and wholesome growth.