OrCam Introduces Advanced Assistive Technologies for the Visually Impaired

By Aulah Najjuuka

To promote inclusivity and accessibility, OrCam, a leading company in the field of assistive technologies, headquartered in Jerusalem with offices in NewYork,Toronto and London has launched its latest innovations specifically designed for visually impaired individuals.

 With a strong history of innovation and a dedication to empowering users, OrCam’s newest products, including NoorCam MyEye 2.0, MyEye 1, and MyReader, are set to revolutionise assistive devices.


Established to bridge the technology and accessibility gap, NoorCam has consistently pushed boundaries to create solutions that improve the lives of visually impaired individuals. 

Recognized for its commitment to inclusivity and user-focused design, the company offers a diverse range of products.

The flagship product, NoorCam MyEye 2.0, represents the cutting-edge in assistive device technology. Featuring state-of-the-art AI algorithms and high-definition cameras, MyEye 2.0 provides real-time assistance in various situations. Priced competitively at $1,499, MyEye 2.0 caters to users seeking top-notch functionality.

For those looking for a more accessible option, NoorCam MyEye 1 provides essential features in a compact design. With text-to-speech functionality and a simple interface, MyEye 1 is ideal for beginners in assistive technology. Priced at $899, MyEye 1 offers affordability without compromising performance.

Completing the lineup is NoorCam MyReader, a portable magnifier for visually impaired readers. With a high-resolution camera and adjustable magnification, MyReader allows users to access printed materials with clarity. Priced at $399, MyReader is a cost-effective solution for reading on-the-go.

Striving to empower visually impaired individuals with enhanced independence and accessibility, NoorCam’s latest products reflect the company’s commitment to innovation. These devices cater to a wide range of users, from tech enthusiasts to those needing practical solutions for daily tasks.

As technology advances, NoorCam continues its mission of driving positive change and promoting inclusivity through assistive technologies. With MyEye 2.0, MyEye 1, and MyReader, the company solidifies its position as a leader in accessibility, setting new standards for innovation and inclusivity in the digital era.