Share the light Gospel initiative brightens lives in Uganda

By Yasiri J. Kasango 

In an effort to spread the gospel, Brian Kluth of is literally illuminating the lives of thousands in central and southwestern Uganda through their #SharetheLight Gospel initiative.

Inspired by Mark 16:15, is on a mission to combat poverty, sickness, and hunger by providing high-quality solar lamps, water filters, and low-smoke cook stoves to those in need. Brian Kluth, the visionary behind the initiative, revealed that over 60,000 people have already been assisted through products.

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Kluth, through the initiative, gave out high-quality solar lumps to the community of Uganda Christian University (UCU), St.Dunstan Church of Uganda Mukono Diocese, and Christians of the Bride of Christ Church Kitega Lugazi. 

Attendees of the sharelight events have been given high-quality solar lamps that last more than a year, with a maximum of one lamp per family or household.

“We have researched and tested products to provide Ugandans with the best global products in the world to fight poverty, sickness, and hunger,” Brian Kluth stated. The carefully curated products are expected to help families save 70–80% on light and cooking costs, making a significant impact on their daily lives.

Kluth demonstrated the workings of this equipment. The lamp lasts for five hours if used at its brightest. He threw the lamp on the ground to show its durability. Some of the beneficiaries testified about the success of the equipment they acquired before.

Sharing a success story from the initiative, Mukisa Evelyn, a resident of Lugazi, has appreciated HealthyCharity for the assistance she has received. “I got a solar lamp, which has helped me reduce my expenditure on candles,” added Mukisa.

She added that buying candles to light her house at night was draining her finances, but after acquiring the solar lamp, she has been able to save some money. This has not only saved her money but also improved her health. 

During these events, attendees have the opportunity to pre-order these life-changing products at special event prices. Kluth emphasized that the organization will take no profit from the sales, ensuring that the benefits of the products reach those who need them the most. The pre-order fees collected will be used to facilitate the delivery of products 50 days later, allowing families to redirect the money they save on kerosene and candles towards these transformative solutions.

This initiative combines the theory of the gospel with practical interventions to meet the daily challenges of poverty issues, but also to spread the gospel message of eternal life and the value of shining brightly for Christ.