Students speak about the UCU 24th Guild Government

By Agatha N Biira

The 24th guild government is holding its guild week that has been running from September 24 and will end on October 1 under the theme, “Be the change you want to see.” They have organized several activities such as Mwonoyo’s Heart Charity Outreach to Rwambogo Refugees Camp, university awareness, Open DH, and the most recent, the Guild General Assembly.

With their term nearing an end, the Standard reached out to some of the students to find out what they thought about the guild government, and this was what they said.

Fred Tolit-  BNS 4

Well, so far, not so bad. Although I have not seen their effect as much as the previous years, They have not involved the students in their activities or even strived to protect their rights. But even then, they have had a positive effect. That’s quite evident.

There was the issue of students not being allowed in the library without full payment of tuition last semester, and I do think they helped with that because not everyone is able to pay tuition on time and yet they need the reading material. Then, they have also tried to see to it that students who have not completed tuition are able to sit for papers, and I commend them for that.

 Isabel Nowemigisha- BFST 2

I feel like they could have done better. For example, as a class representative, we have issues to do with our allowances, and that is something they have not been clear about. Then, as students, we don’t really interact with them. I think they need to be more interactive with the students. They must tell us what they are doing because the majority of students are unaware of their activities. 

Edwin Kule – BAMC 3

I would like to thank the guild government for their tenure at the helm. They got into power at a time when the world was recovering from the pandemic. However, I feel like they fell short when it came to awareness. They have done a lot to promote charity activities but failed to promote the activities of the students.

As a sports fan, I would love to see the government lead the student body in pushing our teams such as the UCU canons, UCU lady cardinals, and UCU doves whenever they are representing the institution. I can only hope those in power can pick up a leaf from the UCU media link committee that carried out activities that raised awareness of the institution. For example, the movie “My Degree,” directed by Brian Kabogoza,

Hannah Blessed- BAMC 2

I do not feel their presence. At the start, they were concerned about the affairs of the students, but as time went on, the energy reduced. There were more activities when they had just gotten into power as compared to now. I don’t know if that was how they planned it, but we no longer feel their presence.

Moses Mwesigye – BPLM (Awaiting graduation)

I think this government is actually trying compared to the others. Maybe it is because I was in my first year at the time and I wasn’t really into the system, but I feel like this government engages with the students.

They have made themselves more present among the students, and there is no gap between the students and the guild officials. Of course, I understand there is bureaucracy when it comes to getting things done and making changes. So, I cannot blame them or put them under pressure to get things done, yet in most cases, these are things students can do themselves and get results even faster than waiting on the guild.

Mary Esther Mwesigwa-LLB4

Given the fact that they came to power when the country was recovering from COVID-19, we can say they have been active and hard-working.

The 24th guild government has tried to fight for students, especially when it comes to missing marks. I think they have helped in that area, and we have a few issues when it comes to marks.