The UCU guild parliament bi-election

By Catharine Asiimwe

In November 2021, UCU held general guild election for all positions.  However, some positions elective positions weren’t filled. The guild electoral is organizing for bi-elerction to fill the vacant positions in the guild parliament.

Catharine stormed the streets of UCU asked the opinion 

Joel Kugonza  a student pursuing bachelors of law

The bi-election gives second chances to the candidates who did not qualify for the main guild elections. I support the bi-elections because they easy access of services of the university through the elected candidates 

Eric Mugume  a forth-year law student

If the bi-elections are this time carried out physically, it would be much easier because one of the reason we are having them in the first place is because the main elections were on line. 

Patience Akwankwatsa a student pursuing bachelors of business administration [BBA]

Sometimes things that are redone are not done to perfection. We can not be sure if the candidates will this time meet the qualifications need to be on the ballot paper. 

Joel Arnold Ayiko a student pursuing bachelors of law

It solves the communication difficulties between the university and the students through the representatives elected in the bi-elections. 

Nancy Akello a student pursuing business administration [BBA]

The bi-election is evidence that the online elections are not fair though it gives a second chance to candidates who did not meet the qualification during the main elections. 

Isabella Abalo a student pursuing higher education of higher learning

The bi-elections are necessary because it would be so unfair the students who are not represented in the guild government. Yes, bi-elections should be conducted but fairly.