UCU Arua campus 20th guild equipped for work

By Ivan Echoni

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) Arua Campus’s directorate of student affairs (DOSA) has organized a retreat for the 20th Guild government. The retreat’s goal was to prepare the newly elected student leaders for office. The training took place at the Biku Retreat Center Goli, in Nebbi district.

The retreat ran under the theme “Core-workers in God’s service” (1 Corinthians 3:9). The student leaders were reminded that the primary reason for them to be at school is academic. They were implored to strike a balance between books and leadership.

Gloria Amviko, the DOSA, states that they are excited to be a part of the students’ leadership journey as a directorate and look forward to working with them as they serve the students. 

“We think that by the end of this training, this government will be able to perform its roles and duties as expected,” says Amviko.

Godwin Arumadri, one of the facilitators, congratulated the student leaders for the opportunity to lead. He was also grateful that the university management had taken it upon themselves to organize such training so that the student leaders would know what to do during their leadership tenure.

He encouraged the leaders to always communicate with relevant people; “effective communication is very key for successful leadership,” said Arumadri.

Nikuma Clare Phiona, the Vice Guild President, says there were some things they did not know about, like the student’s charter, the guild constitution, and the student’s code of conduct. “I’m glad that this has been brought to our knowledge,” said Nikuma.

Joshua Otim Omona, a Bachelor of Social Sciences student and Member of Parliament for the same study program, says it’s a pleasure to be a part of the University’s 20th Guild and the training because it’s a total build-up for him.