UCU celebrates five PhDs

By Yasiri J. Kasango

Uganda Christian University (UCU) celebrated a significant milestone by awarding doctoral degrees to five graduates during the second part of the 24th graduation ceremony. UCU channelled out 986 graduates at the ceremony at the main campus in Mukono.

In a wonderful show of academic excellence, some UCU staff members achieved remarkable educational milestones. Dr. Arthur Nuwagaba earned a PhD in business and administration from the prestigious University of Nairobi. Rev. Dr. Abel Wankuma Kibbedi attained a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Literature from UCU, showcasing his dedication. Additionally, Dr. Faith Mbabazi Musinguzi, Dr. Gladys Ayot Oyat, and Dr. David Sengendo successfully completed their PhDs in education administration and management, highlighting their commitment to education. Dr. Godwin Awio achieved a Master of Divinity degree from UCU, marking a significant milestone. These accomplishments highlight our institution’s dedication to nurturing scholars and celebrate their contributions to academia. 24rd graduation ceremony in Mukono.

The event honoured 986 graduates, showcasing their dedication and hard work. UCU’s commitment to high-quality education was evident, emphasising its role in scholarly progress and national intellectual development. The newly minted PhD recipients contribute to UCU’s legacy of producing impactful scholars in various fields, both locally and internationally.

“We congratulated all of them for the hard work they have put in to celebrate this day with us,” said David Mugawe, the deputy  vice chancellor Finance and administration (DVC F&A).

He noted that the UCU degree is distinctive and highly valued by job market stakeholders. He added that UCU graduates are in high demand for employment. “We usually receive calls from employers asking for our graduates due to the holistic education we offer that makes you stand out,” Mugawe told the graduates.

UCU celebrated a remarkable achievement, honouring 33 first-class degree holders in their recent graduation ceremony. Impressively, 20 exceptional female graduates led the way, demonstrating their dedication and intelligence. Thirteen male graduates also achieved this distinction, emphasising the academic accomplishments of both genders. This success highlights the increasing achievements of female students and the importance of closing the gender gap in education. UCU’s commitment to inclusivity and excellence is evident, underscoring the university’s dedication to equal opportunities and outstanding education for all.