UCU Chancellor promises to find solutions for Guild problems

By Eriah Lule

His Grace  Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu met with the 25th Guild Government during his Chancellor’s pastoral visit to Uganda Christian University (UCU) during the 2023 Easter semester to try to find solutions to their challenges.

The Guild, led by the Director of Student Affairs (DOSA) Bridget Mugasira and His Excellency Ddumba Timothy, presented their concerns to the Chancellor via the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Aaron Tahinduka, who serves as the government’s business leader. The meeting was held with the goal of addressing the guild government’s challenges and finding solutions.

Among the many issues raised was the need to revise the tuition policy, which allows students with a balance of 500,000 shillings or less to sit for exams, as well as work on the “100 million campaign” for the Guild fund.

“Tuition challenges still stand as a big problem to students’ well-being during their stay at campus. This causes many students to drop out, according to Tahinduka. 

Tahinduka added that the 25th Government is looking at soliciting Ugx sh100 million through a campaign dubbed “100 million campaign” for the Guild fund; “we will be blessed if you launch it and further link us to the world for this cause”, he added.

Bridget Mugasira, the DOSA, assured the Chancellor of the government’s determination and transparency given their one-month tenure in office. She noted that during the budgeting process, they budgeted and even left a balance of 400,000 shillings and they were in a position to support student projects.

She described these leaders’ transparency as overwhelming; in their short time in office, they have managed to organize interfaculty games, student projects such as movie premieres, and tuition campaigns without a budget.

“My prayer for your grace is to please support this government to champion our students’ wellbeing,” she added.

The chancellor applauded the guild’s civilized manner of holding dialogues to find solutions for the students’ challenges.

“It’s always good to promote dialogue in case a challenge is raised to find solutions”, he said. “Am confident that with this kind of strategy we shall help our students for the best.”

The staff as well used this opportunity to meet the chancellor and air their grievances, as well as pray for and comfort them.

He later paid a courtesy visit to the School of Business’ new premises at Ankrah Hill. He was received by the Dean, Vincent Kisenyi.

According to Kisenyi, he thanked the administration for lobbying for such an infrastructure that would house the school’s ever-increasing numbers of students.

“We are having a good time at the hill, but Your Grace, our prayer is if we could own this place so that we could develop it fully to the university standards”. He said.

The Vice Chancellor, Associate Professor Aaron Mushengyezi, thanked the Chancellor for his continued support for the university. He furthered assured that with the kind of support from the staff, UCU is destined to answer all unemployment challenges in the region.

The Chancellor was amused by the kind of conduct displayed in all his meetings with the students, staff, and top management.

He further linked the staff’s continuous effort to the Church of Uganda‘s 2023 theme, ‘United for service and growth’.   

He applauded the kind of blessing the Lord has given to UCU in trying times during COVID when they acquired Kampala Campus premises and Ankrah for the school of business.

In all his meetings and preaching during the Latent Evening Service, the Chancellor emphasized his fight against homosexuality and the upheaval targeting the institution of marriage.