UCU interfaculty tournament reaches the semis

By Andrew Aboga

After a break of two years, the Uganda Christian University (UCU), interfaculty games made a comeback, and several faculties were eager to participate in the upcoming tournament.It started with the division of the eight faculties into two different groups at the Hamu Mukasa library at Uganda Christian University(UCU) that is Group A and B.

Group A consisted of the faculty of Engineering and Technology, the School of Business, Agricultural sciences, and Theology whereas Group B housed the School of Journalism, Media, and Communication, School of Law, Social Sciences, Health, and Education.

However, some teams were eliminated from the tournament after failing to accumulate the required points and goals to go on to the next step of the games. This was after the commencement of the games on February 23, 2023, and they were expected to run for two weeks, that is, until March 8.

Speaking to the Sports Minister, Collins Wesonga, he appreciated the effort put in by the 25th Guild government for the push to have the interfaculty games take place.

“I thank the 25th Guild Government for the great opportunity and experience of pushing for the interfaculty games to take place,” said the Sports Minister.

He also stated that he was pleased with the efforts in the interfaculty games, the cooperation, and the energy displayed by the students and the stakeholders involved in the tournament.

Going down to the space of spectators that graced the field and basketball court to support their players, each one had a specific thought and prayer for their team. This was mainly after they were able to go on to the finals.

Among the many fans was Amadi Solomn Jibu,a law student who kept urging his fellow students to turn out in big numbers that weekend to support their classmates in the semi-finals.

Additionally, Sandra Ayella said, “As the semifinals draw near, I pray that my faculty team is ready and fit to play because I believe we have not come this far, so we shall go all the way.” She is a student at the School of Social Sciences.

Ethan Angumya, a student from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, stated he was excited that his faculty topped group A, and he believes his faculty can go on to win the tournament.

The semi-finals are set for this weekend, where the Faculty of Engineering, Design, and Technology will go up against the Faculty of Law in the first semifinal and the Social Sciences will face the Agricultural Sciences in the second semifinal.