UCU Law Society release 2024 electoral roadmap

By Lynette Agnes Kembabazi

The Uganda Christian University Law Society has unveiled the electoral roadmap for this year’s election.

The electoral process will run from January 22nd and end on March 16th. The preparations for these elections include sensitizing members of society to vote in various UCU Law classes.

Candidate nominations will take place on February 13-14, and nominated candidates will be vetted between February 19 and 20. The list of successful nominated candidates will be announced on February 24. As a result, those who would have gone through will start with open campaigns.

Moses Chobe, a law student in his first year, is excited for these elections just like any other law student. He goes on to appreciate the current president of the Law Society, Elly Asaph, for being a good leader.

Moses says,The Roadmap is well planned so that it will give students who want contest time to apply and also o campaign

Martha Burundi, the current Vice President of the Law Society, encourages everyone who wants to take over any position to go on, and they should not be discouraged. She prays that God does not cover them up and distort their ambitions.

Burundi says,” Try and fail, but never fail to try.”.

This allows interested people to apply for specific roles.

Leadership is a very important aspect of society. This enables proper administration and accountability. Many students who find themselves capable and suitable for specific positions have to expose their interests and therefore be ready for whatever outcomes.

Everyone deserves a chance to explore their abilities and capabilities. This helps one find themselves, thereby making them better people in society.