UCU students are optimistic about the ‘baaza’

By Asenath Were

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) guild park pathways were teaming with students, all bubbling with excitement as they negotiated with the vendors to purchase their hearts’ desires at the quarterly UCU ‘Baaza.’

UCU students shared their opinions on why they think the ‘Baaza’ is vital to the university community.

Paul Gregory Olweny, a law student in year one, described the Baaza as having a hearty environment and being supportive of the invention because, as an entrepreneur, the best thing to do is be out with your clients, putting your business out for people to see.

“This is an opportunity to market different businesses for students and also an amazing opportunity for other students without businesses to be inspired to start something up.” Olweny commented.

He commended the university for organising such events because, according to him, students have to earn money regardless of whether they are in school or not. “This is where we get money to pay our fees and sustain ourselves. He said.

Winnie Doreen Ahuriire, another student loving the ‘Baaza’ experience, says Baaza week is a short-distance shopping experience; “you can come straight from your room and while you walk to class or the library, you can quickly pick a thing or two, and it also supports not only students who have things but also the people who have stoles.” She noted.

Another student, Jesse Ecuru, offering Human Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics (BHND), highlighted that the Baaza is relevant to the school because it provides students with opportunities to view various products—things that students would need on a daily basis.

According to Loretta Mamela, most of the students do not get enough time to go to Kampala for shopping; hence, the baaza helps students get what they need and gives them an idea so that they can also know what to bring for selling.

“It is less time-consuming as it spares students from having to go to Kampala to make purchases.” She highlighted.

Johnpaul Lwanga, a BBA student in year three, says that since he is majoring in marketing, he is using the Baaza as a practice ground to make people want what he is selling, but also to get people to sell their things to an available market at a relatively cheap rent.

Kemiyondo Martha, a nursing student, stated that the students find cheap things at the Baaza as compared to town, hence making it relevant to the UCU community.

The UCU Easter Semester ‘Baaza’ week commenced on January 15 and will go on for two weeks.