UCU students developing talents in movie production

By Conrad O. Galdino & Charlotte Nalule

Uganda Christian University (UCU) students from the school of journalism and mass communication shoot their second movie, “MMy Background.” My Background is a continuation of the short series “My Degree,” which premiered on September 16. Being consistent and determined with what you do is what enables one to achieve a desired goal in life.

A group of students from the school of journalism and mass communication have been inspiring the UCU community through the production of short movies that aim to instill humility and good moral Christian behavior amongst their fellow students.

Shooting a movie is not as simple as watching the movie when it premieres. because of the students’ enthusiasm and support Focus films A small and growing production team started by the students is determined to develop the acting, use of equipment for shooting, and production skills of students at UCU.

Brian Kabogozza, a film director, and journalism students at Uganda Christian University saw it necessary to develop talent amongst their enthusiastic course mates. Upon identifying the capabilities of his fellow classmates in graphics design, sound engineering, script writing, photography, and videography, he came up with the initiative to pen down short stories with his colleague Ilungole Emmanuel. to bring out real-life stories through motion pictures.

As a way of developing talents among the UCU students from various faculties, an open faculty audition was put in place for all students in the various faculties to showcase their talents and stand a chance of featuring in the next movie production. Various students who went through the auditions have been identified, and Focus Films UG has created the opportunity for them to have an open ground to showcase their talents.

Gabriella Akere, a law student and cast member, talked about her experience while filming.

“Despite the hot sun and frequent movements, it was an interesting experience.” “I expect everyone to see a lovely outcome,” she revealed.

Among the students from various faculties are Capulet Ketra Bakalikwira, an industrial art student who works on costume design and make-up, and Comfort, a law student who plays the protagonist’s mother in the film.The second episode of the drama series My Background will premiere early next year, around February.