UCU students hope for the best in 2023

By Asenath Were

Uganda Christian University’s (UCU) Easter Semester commenced on January 4. The students were welcomed at the gate and later directed for registration at Hamu Mukasa Library.

The students who broke off in August 2021 are overjoyed to report back to school after a very long holiday of about four months, while those who broke off for just two weeks in December are complaining.

Caleb Bright Ainomujuni, in his second year of business administration, who has been off for the last four months, expects a lot from the lecturers’ input and their presence in the lecture rooms. He also hopes that online lectures are minimized and that more emphasis is put on worship activities this semester.

Immaculate Nakato is a law student in year 3, and according to her, ample time needs to be given to students to study before exams to compensate for wasted time in the first weeks of the semester.

The December holiday of two weeks is too short for both the students and parents because the students do not get enough rest, it being a festive season, and it also puts a lot of pressure on our parents to collect the tuition in such a short period of time.

However, she thinks it’s a good thing that the dining hall meals fees are separate from the hall fees. 

According to Richard Luboowa, a student of social work in year 2, better services, full attendance of lecturers, and getting all the required services students are meant to get are expected this semester, and he is looking forward to it.

Dianah Mujawimana, a diploma student in business administration in her second year, says UCU has ways of surprising her all the time, so she is very optimistic this semester. She is ready to learn new things and is waiting to see what UCU has in store for her this year.

Marvin Ahura, a fourth-year law student, believes he will be able to graduate this year. He also hopes for improved security around the areas of residence because theft was an issue last semester, and he is hoping that it will be resolved.

To Marvin, school should resume in February and not December because the short holiday puts pressure on parents to look for the tuition.

Vivian Karungi, a student of social work, expects this semester to have more co-curricular activities, including sports and other outdoor activities.

She hopes that the registration process will be sped up because some of the students are traveling from a long distance.