UCU Students talk about the significance of Martyrs’ Day

By Agatha N Biira and Asenath Were

3rd June in Uganda is celebrated as Martyrs’ Day, when we remember a group of young Christians who died for their faith in Namugongo. We honor them for their faith and belief in Jesus Christ. As this day draws closer, we see many people walking from long distances to Namugongo in a bid to celebrate this day. The pilgrims come not only from Uganda but from Africa and the rest of the world. We spoke to some students about the significance of this day in their lives, and this is what they had to say.

Martyrs’ Day enables us to remember those who shed their blood for what they believed in. They showed us that they would rather die than commit sin against God. It is their commitment that inspires me to fight for what I want in life.

James Alphones- BSAF 2

Personally, I have never celebrated Martyrs’ Day. To me, it is a historical day and not exactly religious. We remember the martyrs for the heroic acts.

Precious Gift- BAMC 1

Martyrs’ Day differentiates us from those who do not believe in God. Their deaths were the beginning of church faith in Uganda and remembering them means our faith will be rekindled. This is a big day for us because it gives me hope that someday, we shall achieve. 

Nelson Kamundu- BDIV 3

Martyrs’ Day gives me faith. People walk distances just to come and celebrate this day. That is faith, and I know that with that, I can do anything.

Pamela Nabwire BAMC 1

Martyrs’ Day shows that Christianity is real. We remember those who died for their faith and thus need to be ready to die for the truth. This day also reminds us to spread the gospel of salvation.

 Derrick Kisakye-BBA 1

It is a story about people who, amidst hardships, believe that there is hope at the end of it all. Martyrs’ day gives people faith and hope that what they are fighting for is not in vain. 

Grace Awor- BBC 3