UCU’s UIS week: Empowering students through technology

By William Opio 

Uganda Christian University (UCU) held the annual instructive and entertaining UIS Week at the Huma Mukasa Library for the second time. The event, held by the University ICT Services (UIS), sought to engage with students, create knowledge about the UIS’s spectrum of services, and solve various ICT-related concerns that students encounter.

Rebecca Kaganbe, the Director of UIS, expressed the primary objective of the event: “We wanted to interact with the students and create awareness about ICT-related matters. Some students may not fully grasp services like Google Cloud, so this event provided an opportunity to engage with them and offer assistance. Moreover, we sought to educate students whenever possible.”

The UIS Week proved to be highly beneficial for students, offering free services such as software installation, laptop cleaning, and assistance with alpha-related issues, particularly missing marks. One of the significant challenges tackled by the UIS team was helping students locate their missing marks. By collaborating with various school faculties, they efficiently facilitated communication between students and lecturers, ensuring missing marks were closely followed up and resolved.

Kenneth Bananuka, a Journalism student, expressed his gratitude for the help he received: “I had trouble with my courses not showing on Moodle and missing marks. Thanks to the UIS team, I received the assistance I needed, and my stress is now relieved.”

Adwell Thabitha, another student with missing marks, praised the UIS team for their warm reception and support: “I came to the tent feeling overwhelmed, but I was treated with such kindness. Not only did I get help with missing marks, but I also discovered another student had my credentials. The team worked diligently to resolve my issues, and I am genuinely happy now.”

The UIS Week also involved students like Jimmy James Douglas, a third-year Bachelor of Science and Information Technology student, who was interning with the UIS team during the event. He shared his perspective on the challenges faced during the week: “Some students had misconceptions, assuming we could solve all ICT-related problems, like replacing broken PCs with new screens. However, we provided guidance and advice instead. We also encountered students who struggled with internet logins, e-learning platforms, and computer system upgrades. Nevertheless, we persevered and assisted everyone to the best of our abilities.”

The success of the UIS Week highlighted the university’s commitment to bridging the gap in ICT services for students, fostering a conducive environment for learning and growth. By creating awareness about

the UIS services and offering hands-on assistance, the event proved to be a valuable resource for the student community.

As Uganda Christian University continues to prioritise the holistic development of its students, initiatives like the UIS Week play a crucial role in empowering students to embrace technology confidently and navigate their academic journeys with ease.