Who is Jorem Edonu?

By immaculate Auma

Uganda Christian University (UCU) students are set to elect their guild leaders this week. One law student, Jorem Edonu, and Ddumba Timothy, who are pursuing a bachelor of science in information technology, are vying for the office of the Guild President. The Standard Online’s immaculate Auma interviewed Jorem ahead of the elections on Friday.

Who is Jorem Edonu?

I am a third-year law student at Uganda Christian University. I am an Anglican, and I pray from Thorny Croft Chapel at UCU.

Why are you aspiring for the top student’s office?

In a time like this when our university demands leadership, I have offered myself to serve.” “We are stronger together.

What do you plan to do for the students if elected?

My manifesto revolves around five things: Accountability means we ought to be transparent. We shall engage in students’ activities academically, socially, financially, and physically. On the academic side,

What skills and competences do you have to hold the office you are aspiring for?

I’ve been a leader before. I was headboy at Ngora High School, of course, where I attained communication and listening skills. I learned that as a student leader, it’s good to be flexible and not rigid. You must also strive to bridge the gap between the students and administration so that both can work together to make everyone comfortable.

What is your leadership philosophy?

 “Stronger Together”. It’s a slogan I chose for my government.