Who is Timothy Ddumba?

By immaculate Auma

Uganda Christian University (UCU) students are set to elect their guild leaders this week. Timothy Ddumba, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in science in information technology, and a law student, Jorem Edonu, are vying for the office of Guild President. The Standard Online’s immaculate Auma interviewed Timothy ahead of the elections on Friday:

Who is Timothy Ddumba?

I am a second-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Uganda Christian University. I am an Anglican, and I pray from Thorny Croft Chapel at UCU.

Why are you aspiring for the top student’s office?

I am not the usual politician, we want to transform the government from a season,… building,…a group of select individuals, to a government where we all share and feel the impact.

What do you plan to do for the students if elected?

My manifesto is about finding solutions: Accountability Implementation, Digital tuition clearance. 

What skills and competences do you have to hold the office you are aspiring for?

I was head boy at King’s College Buddo in my high school, where I attained communication and listening skills. I learned that as a student leader, it’s good to be flexible.

What is your leadership philosophy?

Let’s go Further.  It’s a slogan I chose for my government.