Without Remorse: A review

By Lule Eriah

John Kelly, a Navy SEAL, goes on a path to avenge his wife’s murder only to find himself inside of a larger conspiracy. Michael B. Jordan, starring as John Kelly is a Navy SEAL whose pregnant wife (Lauren London) is killed when Russian operatives invade their home, intending to terminate him. A sympathetic colleague from the SEALs (Jodie Turner-Smith) and the defense secretary (Guy Pearce) relax protocol to help Kelly get revenge, but a C.I.A. official (Jamie Bell) is riled, signaling to viewers that he is secretly working for the other side.

The action thriller presents Michael B. seeking vengeance in a manner as remorseless as Liam Neeson, in the movie Taken; the only difference is Michael had no daughter to recover. And so, he never made the phone saying “I don’t know who you are. But if you don’t let my daughter go, I will find you. I will kill you”.

Those that watched the Sylvester Stallone Rambo series of the 90’s will certainly relate to this movie too.

In my view, this 2021 blockbuster paints a bigger picture, albeit fictitiously of the polarizing tension within big security organs of developed economies, that sometimes warrants animosity towards each other.

It’s a must watch for this movie………