Assessing the UCU 25th guild government: Students’ mixed opinions

By Bena Nekesa 

“In a diverse tapestry of opinions, students at Uganda Christian University (UCU) reflect on their experiences and perspectives regarding the 25th Guild Government. From expressions of gratitude for its inclusive and student-focused approach to critiques highlighting areas of perceived shortcomings, the discourse paints a nuanced picture of the government’s tenure. As we delve into the varied thoughts of individuals like John Mutsoshi, Gift Kalikulali, Mwesigwa Joshua, Esau Tamba, and Gerald Wangaya, we uncover a spectrum of sentiments that encapsulate the complex dynamics between student expectations and the realities of governance on the campus. Join us in exploring the diverse ideas and contrasting viewpoints that shape the narrative surrounding the 25th Guild Government at UCU.”

John Mutsoshi LLB3

The 25th Guild government has been an inclusive government with a lot of desire to promote study interests and improve the conditions of the students. He continues by saying that the government has been a student representative in that the needs of the students and their welfare have been its concern. On the side of meeting his expectations, he says yes because of his perspective that it has fulfilled most of its manifestos. John says,” When we look at the achievements, the government has been very accountable and student-based. In terms of the money provided by the university to promote study activities, This can be seen in the cultural gala organisation, sports gala, among others”. He concludes by saying that it has been transparent through its timely presentation of its accounts to the students on a weekly basis, where the guild government has been allowing students to rate it on a weekly basis at the guild offices through presentations of its accounts to the students.

Gift Kalikulali BAJC 1

Under the 25th Guild government, the people in power have exceeded our expectations by being approachable, supportive, and dedicated to representing our interests. I appreciate their hard work and efforts in making my first year at the university a positive experience.

Mwesigwa Joshua, BBA3

I’m not satisfied with the 25th guild government because they have not ruled according to my expectations. They have not given the students the opportunity to enjoy the school resources. For example, sports athletes were not offered transport in the form of university buses. I think they have tried, except for the sports athletes.

Esau Tamba, BPLM3.

The 25th guild government has nothing. They have created a gap between the class representatives and the government. Yet they ought to work together as one since they are all leaders of the same campus. Though I appreciate them for trying hard during their term of office,

Gerald Wangaya, BIFA 3.

I think the 25th guild government has fairly performed since it has both negative and positive results. according to me. I expected the guild leadership to excel in the area of tuition that the people in power had promised to improve during their manifestos. For example, students are missing out on exams because of simple balances. Though the guild president, during his campaign, promised to work on that, it has still failed, though recently a tuition run was carried out, which is great. A student is not recognised without having a zero balance, but at least through the people in power, their voices are able to reach out. I think that those people in power were just working for their own motives, not for the good of fellow students.

When it comes to the sports area, during their campaigns, they spoke of favouring everyone in sports as long as you are a student. But at times, when you go to the gym, they don’t allow you. And they had even promised trainees for the gym, but still there are no trainees in the gym, and instead people go there and do their own funny things. They have tried, but not to my great expectations. However, on the other side of the 25th guild, the government has improved the infrastructure under the engineering faculty. For example, at Tech Park, it has improved on their walkways because they used to suffer from mud during the rainy season, but there’s now a great improvement. I thank the guild government of the 25th government for at least showing up for the students and fulfilling most of his manifestos.