Basketball: A UCU Texture

By Kenneth Bananuka 

In Uganda Christian University (UCU), Basketball has become the center of sports in the school. 

The institution has been known to have one of the best basketball programs in the country. It has two basketball teams, the UCU Canons and the UCU lady canons. 

The Lady Canons are the record holders of the National Basketball League having won the title eight times. 

The latest award that the school has won in the sport is the championship in the lady’s basketball in the country. This has also grown the love for the game in the university among the students, staff and alumni. 

The University basketball team, specifically the men’s team has managed to thrive and fairly compete under the leadership of Coach Nicholas Natuhereza. He has lead this team as its head coach for 12 years, since 2010.  

As the head coach of the basketball program, he has since won 8 championships with the UCU lady canons. 

He expressed his love for the program and his dedication to making it successful. “I have been here for a while and I have really loved being the coach of the basketball team. I am dedicated to making it the top program in the country.”

This basketball program has produced some of the best players of the game in the country. Personalities like JImmy Enabu, Titus Lual and Fayed Baale are all products of the basketball program at this institution. 

Today, basketball in the school is not only for those on the school team but for everyone. Whoever is studying at the university has an idea about the game. Even those that do not play the sport are interested and so they come to watch others play. (quote from someone that doesn’t play basketball)

At the main campus, where the game is mainly played, the basketball courts are located next to the main gate. So as soon as one enters the university campus, they immediately know that at this university, the game of basketball is valued. 

Over the years, the institution has been known for having good sports programs like soccer, volleyball, netball and basketball.