Bobic’s: A restaurant review

By Eriah Lule

When the name Bobic’s Restaurant is heard within the proximity of Mukono, all that comes to one’s mind is fast-food. This cozy restaurant, located along Wandegeya- Bugujju road has for years served as a dating spot, coffee, confectionary and fast-food option for its clientele, mostly comprised of students of Uganda Christian University (UCU).

Upon entry, inside this fast-food hub (pun not intended) the paintings on the wall are an inevitable sight. Deeper in, one’s eyes are treated to a mix of fast-spinning fluids of red, orange and yellow inside juice blenders, on the right hand. Neighboring them are varying flavours of cake including Black forest, vanilla, chocolate, banana cakes, et cetera. Al these and local dishes are available at fairly affordable rates at least for student-buyers.

I am not a fast-food enthusiast. But I cannot forget a pair of kebabs, and French fries that I grabbed from there sometime this year. The crunch of both was simply amazing. Much as they are deep-fried, Bobic’s fries do not drip- something I find really impressive. Perhaps that is why UCU girls and –surprisingly many guys, keep cashing in, even when the semester is half-way done- when the economy is crumbling.

If there is another thing I find really amazing is the availability of the proprietor himself at the stations. This is rare is enterprises that have garnered some significant success. The boss often gets busy and leaves only a manager at the location. Or sometimes, the boss feels too big to be around.

But Herbert Mukuru, the owner of Bobic’s, is your down-to-heart guy whose face is available 24/7: He is close enough to register customer experiences, compliments and complaints.

Now I think I have my head around why Bobic’s is virtually the most popular fast-food joint among UCU students: First, Bobic’s is strategically placed near UCU Boda stages. Secondly, it has a Mobile Money kiosk right at its nose. Those two factors make it accessible and convenient for not only the cool-kids that struggle to walk, but also that with short-term memories.

One query I have against them though, is that the delay before an order arrives. Well, this is not a problem unique to Bobic’s alone but elsewhere. However, it was a whole good idea introducing the 60-seconds boys. One step in the right direction to solving this challenge.  

All in all, the service I received was so amazing that it makes sense why the name Bobic’s is synonymous with fast-food in Mukono.