Birungi narrowly wins guild election race

By Yasiri J. Kasango

In a closely contested battle for leadership at Uganda Christian University (UCU), Agira Birungi emerged victorious as the 26th Guild President. The third-year law student secured her win with a narrow margin, gathering a total of 1,131 votes, which accounted for 53% of the total votes cast. Birungi’s competitor, Emmanuel Gerald Abura, a second-year Social Works and Social Administration student, fell short with 1,026 (47% of votes). The intensity of the election highlighted the engagement and enthusiasm of the UCU student body in shaping the future leadership of their guild.

Upon being declared the winner, Agira Birungi expressed her gratitude to the students for their support and trust in her abilities. “I thank you for electing me; I promise I won’t let you down,” Birungi stated, acknowledging the responsibility bestowed upon her as the newly elected Guild President. The outcome of the election reflects the diverse perspectives and preferences within the student community at UCU, and it sets the stage for Birungi to lead and represent her fellow students in the academic year ahead. As the 26th Guild President, Birungi now steps into a crucial role, pledging to uphold the interests and concerns of the student body.

The election results mark a significant moment in the university’s history, as Agira Birungi takes on the mantle of leadership. The competitive nature of the race underscores the importance of student engagement in the democratic process, with both candidates showcasing their dedication to making a positive impact on campus life. As the UCU community looks forward to the leadership of its newly elected Guild President, the focus shifts to the implementation of Birungi’s promises and the fulfilment of the expectations set by the student electorate.

Praising the students for their exemplary behaviour throughout the electoral process, the Director of Students Affairs, Pamela Tumwebaza, commended their commitment to a peaceful election. Tumwebaza highlighted the students’ conduct, emphasising that their actions reflected a profound understanding of the democratic process. In acknowledging the maturity and cooperation demonstrated by the student body, Tumwebaza set a positive tone for the newly elected guild leadership to step into their roles.

“I would like to thank you for the discipline you exhibited during the election process; your conduct underscores the human understanding that makes you brag over other institutions,” said Tumwebaze.

Expressing her congratulations to the victorious guild president and her team, Tumwebaza conveyed her optimism about working with the new leadership. The director’s words underscore the collaborative relationship between the university administration and the student government, reinforcing the importance of mutual support and effective communication. As the newly elected guild president, Agira Birungi, and her team prepare to take on their responsibilities, they can draw inspiration from the encouragement and support extended by the Director of Student Affairs.

Andrew Akoragye, the UCU Eloctoral Commission, extended appreciation to the University Management Information System (MIS) team for their role in managing the eCgaua system, which contributed to a smooth electoral process. The Chairperson of the UCU Electoral Commission expressed gratitude for the efficiency of the MIS team, noting that the use of technology had enabled a more streamlined and timely election compared to previous instances. The acknowledgement of the MIS team’s efforts highlights the collaborative efforts across different university departments to enhance democratic processes within the institution.