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What do you know about Janan Luwum Day?

By Asenath Were and Lynette A. Kembabazi

“I am prepared to die in the army of Jesus. While the opportunity is there I preach the Gospel with all might, and my conscience is clear before God that I have not sided with the present Government which is utterly self-seeking.” Janani Luwum

Following his demise on February 16, 1977, a public holiday was declared by the government of Uganda in honor of the former Church of Uganda Archbishop Janani Luwum, who was killed during Amin’s reign.

The UCU standard community newspaper interviewed a few students to find out what they knew about Janani Luwum Day, the public holiday celebrated every February 16, and recorded some of their responses.

Jordan Twesigye, BIT3

Janani Luwum was the archbishop of Uganda. When President Iddi Amin wanted to put serious restrictions and sanctions on Christianity in Uganda, Janani Luwum came out and said, “Politics has no business in religion.” He followed Iddi Amin, convinced him, and invited him to his palace, where he was fatally killed.

Aisha Nalubega, BSWASA 1

Janani Luwum was born in 1922 and went to Bishop Tucker Theological College.

Bua Jerum Enyang BBA 2

All I know is that he was a church worker, or, I would say, someone based in church, and he was killed by the president at that time.

Dulua Christabel Dulu BSWASA 2

What I know about Janani Luwum Day, It was about 2 years ago when President Museveni declared it a public holiday on February 16 to celebrate the life of Janani Luwum, who was murdered on the orders of Idi Amin.

Emmanuel Nsubuga BAC1 

Janani Luwum was appointed archbishop of Uganda in 1974. He was born in 1922 and died in 1977. He was a known figure for his vocal opposition to the human rights abuse by the president then, who was Iddi Amin Dada. For lack of a better word, we can treat Janani Luwum as a martyr because he fought hard against the injustice in Uganda.

Helen Kirabo BSWASA 2

Janani Luwum was an Anglican archbishop of Uganda. We celebrate this day because he accepted being murdered by the orders of Iddi Amin Dada.

Christopher Otukei BSWASA 1

Janani Luwum was one of the outspoken church leaders at that time, when there was turmoil in Amin’s regime. In his criticism of the regime, people advised him to run away because Amin was looking for him to take his life.

He insisted, stayed back, and fought for his people. He spoke for the voiceless because everybody, including Amin’s ministers, feared him. In the end, Amin alleged that Janani Luwum was aiding rebels fighting to overthrow his government. Therefore, Amin looked for him and murdered him in cold blood.

Mayimuna Nassali, LLB3

I think Janani Luwum was hanged; however, all I remember is that he was killed by Iddi Amin for trying to oppose him.