Media’s delicate dance: Balancing appreciation and credibility

The media ecosystem thrives in Kampala, Uganda, with a myriad of channels, both online and offline, that try to inform, educate, entertain, and campaign for democracy. The media plays an important part in the lives of ordinary Ugandans, with over 200 radio stations, 30 TV channels, and a handful of newspapers. Appreciation for their work, on the other hand, remains a complex and multidimensional subject.

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Beyond the Storm

“Beyond the Storm” by Grace K. Tumusiime, is an exceptional book that delves into one of the most prevalent issues affecting individuals, societies, and companies worldwide: The book looks tress and stress management. With great depth and clarity, the book explores the causes, signs, symptoms, and effective self-care 5o overcome stress. It adeptly breaks down the fundamentals of stress, offering invaluable insights for readers.

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Why not organize a groom shower for your son?

Most times, when a woman is preparing for her wedding, female friends and relatives organize a bridal shower. A good package of how a marriage should be handled, how to care for your husband and yourself, issues of financial management, pregnancy and child care/nurturing, hygiene, and many more are addressed. Then they gave her gifts.

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Maximize individual child attention

It doesn’t matter how old your child is; he or she needs your attention. Attending to an individual child is when you exclusively decide to deal with each child independently for a given period of time. This relationship between individual children can be established at any level. However, the best time to start is when the child is still young. You can bend a tree in any direction when it is young.

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