How tourism is evolving in Africa and a rising force behind…

A Review by Jimmy Siyasa

Africa’s tourism industry continues to grow at a rocket rate. The ‘black’ continent’s tourism industry boasts second fastest growing, according to Africa News, a prominent continental news site.

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions thereof, many outside Africa yearn to come to the world’s leading Safari tourism destination. One would wonder why so?

The answers are simple. First, no continent comes close to the wealth of African wildlife and signature sunsets. Secondly, the hospitality of Africans employed at the tourism agencies is simply unmatched. Let me tell you this story better through the lens of an African tourism company I Know. It is called Architect tourism SMC, and it has a daughter brand called Visit Africa.

Photo: Bibhash

Visit Africa is an online travel guide tracking unchartered paths in Afro-tourism. It is like that neat Digital Personal Assistant who will organize your safari schedule to the dot; books your flight tickets, makes hotel reservations, and coordinates strings of safari events and activities around Africa. When all is set, he or she shows up to ask you if you are ready to go have a lifetime of Afro-tourism experience.

This sheer diligence and attention to detail is displayed even through the design of the Visit Africa website. When you open it, the pleasant patterns popularly seen on African wear, namely Bitengyi,set a serene African ambiance to your browsing experience, as you scroll through the packages.

Picturesque photos of African wildlife and tourism sites at their natural best. Afro-culture and architecture on delightful display. Greenery and breath-taking aqua-life all arrested in a single page layout. Yet, all those are but mere shadows of the wholesome African tourism experience one can get.

Photo: Bibhash

By 2018, Africa registered a staggering approximately 67 million tourists. This, according to major continental news site, Africa News, was a 7 % leap from the “63 million arrivals” the previous year. A travel guide such as Visit Africa apologizes for why this so.

Though its origin is one Country, Uganda, Visit Africa’s web of networks within almost all African countries speaks of an unsaid Pan-African agenda to make African tourism industry the giant it is on the global map. It is an embodiment the reason why thrill of the African tourism is better lived and loved, than told or read about.