Meet a South Sudanese Health worker with a first class

Gaba Suzan caught up with our writer Eriah Lule.

What is  your full  name?

My name is Gaba Susan Fuli

How old are you?

I am  23 years old.

Describe yourself in a few words?

I am a young hardworking, persistent, God fearing and responsible woman.

What course where you pursuing UCU?

Gaba Susan in yellow, first from right, posing for a photo with her workmates
Gaba Susan in yellow, first from right, posing for a photo with her workmates

I pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in  Public Health from 2018-2021.

What inspired you to join that course?

First, it was in line with my interests, and my A level results also limited my options. That was a watershed moment for me.

What did you find unique about UCU among other institutions?

 UCU education is very technology-oriented. Covid-19 did not stop any of its academic activities. Also it’s the only University I know that makes it mandatory for first year students  to reside in halls of residence.

Who do you look at in your field and inspires you to work harder?

There are a lot of great people in my field that motivate me. What also inspires me to work harder is the goals I have set for myself and the effort my family has put in to ensure that I reached where I am

Tell us some of your worst memories at UCU?

My worst memory has to be the consecutive theft of my gadgets. My laptop was stolen close to the end of my 4th semester exams, then my phone around the same time the next semester, then the second lap top and phone during my final semester. I have really had my share of theft.

Any light moments from UCU?

Some of my favorite moments at UCU are the basketball tournaments, cultural gala.

What course would you have pursued alternatively?

I would have pursued Psychology because am a mental health enthusiast and am intrigued by how much the mind is capable of.

How did you manage studying at UCU, were you on scholarship or ?

I was not on scholarship. It’s my dad who has been paying my tuition.

Who are your parents, and your place of birth?

My mother is Marcelina Liyo and my father is Ajjeo Donato Fuli
and I was was born in Arua District.

What schools have you been to?

Surprisingly I wasn’t a person who used to change schools; I went to St. Angella Primary School and Gayaza High School for my Secondary school.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

 I see myself working officially for the organization am volunteering and holding more managerial responsibilities.

Where do you work from?

I work with ICAP and International Organization in JUBA.

Did you hold any leadership  position at campus ?

 Yes of course, I was the General Secretary of UCU South Sudanese Students Association in 2019-2020.

What strategy/tactic to fight the increased level of unemployment rate in the country?

Am an entrepreneur, I do  business with a friend, currently volunteering with an NGO and a mobile salon whenever I can.